You may be looking for DIY shop in Japan. However, if you google “DIY” , it tells only small shop or different kind shop like furniture shop (IKEA, NITORI, or so). In Japan, DIY shop is called as “Home center”. You may imagine big center selling home but, they are not selling home itself.

I am living near Tokyo. There are some big DIY shop in Tokyo area.

I am loving CAINZ so much. They are all around Kanto area including Tokyo. You can get any tools, woods, garden exterior, discount foods, beer, wine… and so on.

You also find Homac in Hokkaido area, Viva home in other area, and Komeri also.

CAINZ also rent a small truck for carry if you have a car license. It is so nice for urban people. You can ask it to them.
When I travel in foreign countries for my job, I always have to look for tools on site. However, many of them provide information only on their language.
I hope you can get any good tools in our Home center.